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who we are

We are a team of Ukrainian
developers and designers

We work in the IT industry for 6 years, have a lot of experience and large projects. But we are not thinking about that now. Our team is an amazing combination of noteworthy minds, diligence, and generous Ukrainian souls. But what is more important – we are real patriots and eager to defend our homeland. In these difficult times we want to support Ukraine as much as we can.

map of Ukraine

Situation in Ukraine

On the 24th of February 2022, the Russian army invaded Ukraine. It was a cruel and unexpected action by a bloody leader. Hundreds of innocent people died and thousands were injured. Women, children and the elderly have to spend the night in cellars and air-raid shelters. Our brave men protect our lives and sacrifice their lives every day. And the whole world is witnessing how Ukrainians can fight, how brave they are and how united our nation is. Thousands of volunteers, helpers, charities, no one is left out. We are proud of Ukraine.

Our Mission

Most of our team members are now safe and we started to think about how we can help our citizens, the army, and the nation as a whole. We decided to do what we do best. We created this project to create something relevant for your business and to make a profit that we can send to our army and volunteer organizations.

Order our service - we send the profit to those who need help in Ukraine now.

A word from CEO
"My dear friends and clients from abroad have asked me how they can help in this difficult situation. Our wonderful team has found a way – you will get something you need and at the same time you can help our country. We cannot stand aside and want to use our skills and brilliant minds to support our motherland. I know how kind and generous our customers are. Why can't they help too? Join our community, get involved with the Academ team, help Ukraine!"
Yulia Tokarchukova
CEO of Academ Web Solutions
Who we are

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How you can help

Our service for you — your help to us *


Logo and Branding

This is the opportunity to get a full package of branding assets for your business that will be presented in web and corporate teasers.

You will get:

style guide, logo, identity suggestions


Landing Page

An excellent way to showcase a product, a service, or a sales campaign. Let the world know with a tailormade landing page.

You will get:

custom design and implementation of a one-page website


Technical Consultation

You have a startup or are ready to begin a new project? But you’re not sure where to start from and what technical resources you will need? Our experts are here to give you the best guidance possible.

You will get:

one hour of consultation with an expert including written recommendations

* We can do many more amazing things besides those — just contact us and let's discuss

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